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Before You Blow Your Mind by go_gentle, shoemaster

If Eric Staal is going to hit on him, Jeff is going to hit on him back. Which means he needs another drink.

FanfictionReal People Fiction » HockeySlash


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Kinks Ahoy series by blacktofade

Before Stiles can even think about cleaning it off, Derek snaps the elastic back into place and holds it down with his thumb. When he looks up at Stiles, his eyes are dark and completely blown out. He lets out a harsh breath and Stiles cups a hand behind his neck, just to help calm him down.

"That was pretty hot, right? We should definitely discuss more kinks in the future."

Fair warning: there's a number of kinks, and it's amazing. I have neither read the Lydia/Stiles fic, nor have I read the Derek/Stiles watersports ones — but, well, it's by blacktofade, so regardless of kink, it's going to be awesome.

FanfictionTeen Wolf (TV)Femslash, Slash

allison/lydia, derek/stilesnc-17

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Your Eggo is Preggo by lielabell

"Get out," Derek snaps back, the tips of his ear going red the way they always do when he's embarrassed.

"Naw, not gonna," Stiles tells him, wandering closer to the lopsided pile of blankets and pillows. "Gotta say, never pictured you as the nesting type."

FanfictionTeen Wolf (TV)Slash


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Concept Grass by night_reveals

"Nick – " croaked Monroe, voice obviously sticking in his throat, staring at Nick. "What're you doing?"

"What do I smell like?" repeated Nick. Monroe looked around as if hoping someone would save him – and what a liar, when he was practically drooling over Nick's neck. Eventually his eyes ended up back on Nick, till he was staring right at the pulse point sweetly beating in Nick's throat.



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Before You Blow Your Mind by go_gentle, shoemaster

Jeff doesn't mean to blatantly check Eric out at that, especially not when he realizes Eric's looking at him. Jeff tries not to die blushing or laughing awkwardly.

So he licks his lips and – oh, Eric totally watched that. That's...not what Jeff was expecting. Or for Eric to snag him another drink. He takes a sip of his beer while trying not to freak out about the possibility that Eric Staal might be hitting on him. Eric Staal.

FanfictionReal People Fiction » HockeySlash


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Taken by astolat

"I thought you were an alpha," Finch said vaguely. He was stroking his thumbs gently and repetitively down John's neck, tension melting away with every touch, no matter how hard John tried to hold on to it. They couldn't do this. They had to stop. They couldn't do this, but he was so hot, and Harold's hands were so cool and good and perfect.

"I thought you were a beta," John managed. A shiver wracked him all over, clenching up in his shoulders, through his gut, his thighs. Harold made a small humming noise of satisfaction and kissed him, firmly. John's knees buckled.

FanfictionPerson of InterestSlash


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Eight Months of a Century by stereobone

Regardless of how thick the walls in Stark Tower were, it was impossible for the others not to know what had transpired. They sit at the table with their food untouched, awkward in their silence, though Thor does not quite understand why. It's no secret how Loki came to be pregnant.

"My friends," he says. "If you do not eat soon I fear Loki will devour your food."

Loki scoffs next to him, not even bothering to glance at the others. "They're still trying to digest the fact that we've been having sex."

FanfictionThe Avengers (2012), ThorSlash


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Howling Commando by AnonEhouse

"Well, I kinda yelled at your section chief." Steve scratched at the back of his head. "I'm afraid I wasn't very polite, but you know..."

"Oh, God, you yelled at Dad! I am so, so, very sorry I missed that." Tony grinned. "Bring that stew here, baby. I'm starving."

I'm really easy when it comes to alpha/beta/omega dynamics, but I really loved this apocalyptic take, as well as the varying silhouettes of the traits that brought this world together. Whhhhhhy did it have to end!

FanfictionThe Avengers (2012)Slash


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A Nation On Our Own by the_ragnarok

Arthur turns to look at him, dimpling. "Somebody gave me beard burn."

"Such dreadful behavior." Eames' voice drops an octave and he's holding Arthur before he quite knows it, drawn to him by more than his usual ardor. "You ought to make them pay."



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Gordian by fresne

Most people were afraid that he'd strafe conversations into a smouldering remnant of a burnt out field. Father had set fire to a field the day he left, and then there was Mother and "The Incident," so Sherlock certainly understood the fear. Mycroft certainly took care to control all conversations. Not that he succeeded. Smug bastard.

Most people didn't look up at him so completely unafraid and laugh and give him the bowfinger when he was a bit not good.

A very thoughtful, complex story about Sherlock and John, and alpha/beta/omega dynamics. I loved this — even if they have my favourite kinks — because it goes beyond most fics of its genre.

FanfictionSherlock (BBC)Slash


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